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Good news! The new Inspiration Group on lets you upload a photo with your post. It's still all about the writing, but if there's a photo you feel will add meaning, you can share it. We have a Responsible Photo Policy which boils down to using moderation and common sense:

  • Please don't add a photo just for the sake of adding a photo. Posts which are all text are perfectly fine and welcome.
  • Please don't upload entire photo albums, or minor variations on the same photo. If you're posting about an event, please choose 1 photo which best captures the spirit of the event.
  • Please respect other people's feelings and privacy. Don't post someone's photo unless you're sure they wouldn't mind.
  • Please don't post things like "Here's a funny picture of a dog/cat/baby I found on the Internet." We're not aiming to become Facebook or Instagram!
  • Please be careful about copyright violations. Especially, don't post photos from commercial sources like Getty Images.
  • Please don't upload huge megapixel photos that some cameras/smartphones produce by default. Our current file size limit is 450 KB per photo. - If your photo exceeds 450 KB, please optimize before uploading.
  • If you don't know how, one solution is to use this quick, easy, free online service. The default settings often work well: 

  • Remember, just because you *can* upload a photo doesn't mean you have to! We hope you enjoy using the new photo feature.

- The Moderators