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Joining the group

You can try use old Yahoo login or just create a new account.

  1. Using your old Yahoo login. Some members were transferred from the old Yahoo group (the automated transfer of members was patchy at best). You can try login with the Yahoo email and password and see if it works.
  2. Create new account. It is quite quick to create a new account with Just sign up at Register - you will need email and password.
  3. Apply to join. Once you are registered with - you can visit and click button 'Apply for membership.

Some tips on using group

  • In subscription, you can choose how often you would like to receive email delivery of messages.
  • Privacy settings. In group profile, you can select profile privacy to prevent in being visible to public.
  • To post, you can click tab 'New topic' or go to existing message and reply.

Tips on posting