Yahoo Groups to close

sri_chinmoy_inspiration <no_reply@...>

Yahoo have announced that they are to close Yahoo Groups

The last date for posting will be 28 October.

Many thanks to all the contributors from the last 17 years.

Over the next few weeks, we hope to publish a static copy of the old Yahoo site at

But, you may wish to save any of your own favourite postings.

From the Moderators

sharani_sharani <no_reply@...>

While this message might not go through (today is the last day to post), it looks like we have until mid-December to actually download from the site. As one of the prolific posters over the years (although not lately), I'm regretting that I didn't save my longer posts anywhere else at the time that I did them. I'm glad that Mahiruha is starting a blog and will have to remember to check there for his new writings.