"When nothing goes right"


Guru says that each time we aspire we perform a miracle of welcoming the beyond into our human nature.  Recently I’ve been feeling tired, bored, despondent.  I see dead-ends everywhere.  In cases like this it’s always better to remember that nothing in the outer world will ever ultimately satisfy me.  It’s only the inner cry, the mounting flame of aspiration that can please me.  Guru says in a Service-Tree poem:
“When nothing goes right,
That is the time to increase
The intensity of our devotion”
What a great aphorism!  I will say it many times today.
Guru once told me, in a dream, that the spiritual life embodies a Goal.  I need to remember that.  We need to value and treasure the Goal to make our journey swift, meaningful and fulfilling.
Last night the Chicago Centre meditated in a park, which used to be an old sanitarium.  Now it’s just old buildings and overgrown lawns.  We set up our little folding chairs and meditated together.  A mother deer and her two fawns came to watch us as the sun was setting and offering its last brilliance.  The youngest fawn flicked its tail from side to side, watching us.  A virgin moon came out later.  The slender moon to me suggests purity, and the deer signify speed.  I take these as hopeful omens.