Sri Chinmoy and audiotapes



I was reading in Sri Chinmoy’s book “My Weightlifting Tears and Smiles” about how he often listens to Bengali singers while doing his weightlifting.  He said will often leave the tape player on in a different room, so that he will not be overwhelmed by the intensity of the singing, but he still kind of hear it, so that gives him joy.  Many of the songs are dedicated to Mother Kali.


He mentioned that the souls of the singers have all come to him, some of them are still on earth, some have passed on.


I have always been fascinated by Guru’s immediate, implicit access to all the souls, on any plane of consciousness.  He can identify with any human being, in any world.


One of the things that motivates me as a seeker is my urge “to know”, to be able to have access to these worlds, to see what’s really happening behind the scenes.  I’m not talking about opening the third eye or acquiring any kind of occult power.  I just mean expanding the capacities of the heart so that the Cosmic Game is something I can comprehend and feel more deeply.


Guru said once that if we have a tape of him holding meditation, an audio cassette, and he finishes talking and just meditates in silence, that that meditation power is also recorded in the tape.  He said, if I remember correctly, “My silence is very, very powerful.  It is all recorded there.”


Maybe that’s why I like our weekly “quarantine meditations” over the phone.  We all dial in, and then we’re all on the same phone line and we sing, we read Guru’s books out loud, and we meditate in silence together.  When we meditate in silence, I feel Guru’s presence as strongly as I’ve ever felt it in my life.  Guru manifests himself through ineffable silence.