Seeing Guru



Tonight during the meditation I felt I saw Guru as he was during his last physical years on earth.  He was wearing a blue dhoti and he was full of smiling and luminous compassion.


Was it real?  Was it just my imagination?


Perhaps it was both.  I think the Bhakti tradition says, and Sri Ramakrishna confirms, that when you worship or adore something you imbue that thing with reality.  Of course the gods and the spiritual Masters already have their reality, but when you adore them and love them, you add something.  Guru says when the gods are worshipped, they get the inspiration to become more active, more dynamic and more compassionate.  They use their infinite capacities to help seekers.  So, when we worship Guru, perhaps there is a middle ground between our prayers and Guru’s reality in Heaven, and in that middle realm, we can actually see Guru’s form, his spiritual physical form, and we can imbue it with our love, our worship, our prayers.  We help create a “prayer-body”; that “prayer-body” is supremely compassionate, conscious and loving.  Through that “prayer-body” Guru can visit us very easily.


Maybe Guru’s poem from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames speaks to a similar idea:




“If it is true

That Jesus is coming again,

Then it is also true

That you and I should go to meet Him

And welcome Him

At the halfway point.”


(Sri Chinmoy, 207 Flower-Flames, Agni Press, 1985)



Maybe we can try to see Guru as often as possible in our prayers, in our soulful imagination.  Imagination is definitely a reality in its own right.