On squirrels, Buddhas and butterflies


Squirrels in Germany have brown fur and are rather shy. My neigbor who is an elderly woman feeds the squirrels with sunflower seeds. Dear squirrel buries some of them in my balcony pots only to get them out again nibble them with relish. To my surprise one seed sprouted and - voila a sunflower is growing. 

But here the story does not end.

I bought a Buddha statue and placed it on my balcony as well. Since I filled the pots with flowers and leave them near the Buddha statue, our "shy" squirrel became curious and examined the statue by licking his feet. I happened to stand near the closed window, so I had all the fun watching him or her deligently licking the Buddha`s arm and further even his face.

I went for a run after a long time of not going really out, spending time indoors. The sun was too generous and with temperatures climbing up to 24 degrees Celsius, I just had to go out. Slowly I ran along the canal and butterflies used the chance as well and flattered around like crazy, buzzing along. One of them accompanied me and I said to myself, "Doris, this is all by chance, the play will be over in a second." But I believed in the possibility and inwardly said to God, "If the butterfly follows me until I reach my goal, which was the next car bridge a few hundred meters away, I will declare that You sent him to me to give me joy. When I reached the bridge, I was unattentive for a fraction of a second and the butterfly was gone, absolutely nowhere to be seen. But it accompanied me the whole distance, indeed. It was all the time dancing around, sniffing on this flower and that flower, I could even carress him gently with one finger for quite a few seconds.