Not hard of hearing

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Recently there was a nice couple from Switzerland in our Gandharva Loka store in Berlin. We chatted a little, since I am still missing my Zurich quite a lot, where I lived for 13 years. I am stil not really settled after spending a year in Germany, even though I was born in this country.  What is a year in this turbulent city! Anyways, they were about to leave the store, when a man with a cart and a blind persons cane entered the shop. At first glance he looked like a homeless person and the Swiss woman asked me, whether they should stay to protect me. I said that it was not necessary, when I saw the cane. So they left.

The man asked for different instruments to look at and patiently I took them down, asked him to sit on a chair, explained different things and asked him to try them. I was sure that he would not buy anything, he rather needed to get new shoes. But I was willing to serve this man, as I feel it is one of the most tragic things on earth to be blind. And what a nice thing to try musical instruments. How carefully he was groping...

Meanwhile other customers entered the store and looked around. I briefly took notice of them and stayed with the blind man who was now trying an indian flute. One of the customers said that he was moved by my patience I showed to the man, but I replied, "Well, I do not know why I am raising my voice, he is blind, but not hard of hearing." It is still a phenomen to me, why I could not speak normally with him. He only smiled, brought his purse to the fore and bought a flute and a banjo. I counted all his 20 Euro bills and asked the other customer to confirm the amount I took, but the blind man trusted me and said it was not necessary.

This little story reminds me of an article Sharani once wrote about an act of kindness of hers that I now much better understand.