Make each day new


I think the best way to bring freshness into our lives is through ever increasing self discipline.

Guru writes that "Doubt is a fatal disease but not the final end.  Lack of aspiration marks the end of our real life."
I think the best way to maintain aspiration is to remember the Goal of the spiritual life: God-realization.  No matter how many mistakes I make in life, I have to remember the Goal, and I have to run towards it.  If I can't run towards it, or even walk towards it, then I have to at least face the Goal, think about the Goal, and let the magnetic power of the Goal pull me.
There is a Goal.  No matter how distant it may be, I have to reach it.  To reach it, I have to keep my spiritual life in good shape.  That means taking care of the basics: reading, running, meditating, offering constant gratitude, doing as much selfless service as I can, singing the forty or fifty essential songs daily, saying Guru’s most important aphorisms.
Guru said once that if you can’t make time to read his books then at least look at the covers!  He also said on another occasion that if someone has really fallen down from the spiritual ladder, then that person should pray to regain what he has lost.  At that time prayer, simple prayer, will be more effective than meditation in helping him to rise again.  Meditation is the building, prayer is the foundation, he said.  If you don’t have the foundation, which is prayer, how can you have the building?  If someone really feels lost in his spiritual life, that there is no aspiration, then let him pray.
I feel so much better when I know I’m going at top speed.  Everyone has the right to claim the aspect or the dimension of Guru’s divinity that most appeals to them.  In my case, it’s Guru’s beautiful and haunting poems that helps to connect me with my highest Self.
“Look up, my dear friend. The real you is looking at you from the Himalayan heights of the aspiration-tree.”

(Sri Chinmoy, To-morrow's dawn, Agni Press, 1982)