I will bring down a few stars


I had been watching a video where Guru read from his brother Chitta`s notebook. Then I decided to go out and find more peace sitting at the shore of the Berlin canal of Teltow. Surprisingly, quite a few people were out biking, running and walking. My goal were the few steps that lead close to the water. I took my seat where the canal was making a bend. I closed my eyes and made a prayer for peace. Here at this place it seemed possible. I allowed to be driven by the sweet illusion to be on a grassy ship and floated along happily, although it was the other way. The waters were peacefully flowing by and I tried to enjoy the moment. About to leave the place, I noticed hundreds of little sparkling stars dancing on the water and coming closer and closer. What a spectacle that nature was presenting, just by letting the wind blow and have ripples appear all over the water and the sun shine through the bordering trees on the other side of the aritficial river.

I can`t really describe the joy I felt while watching more and more stars appearing on the water, that came all my way and close to the shore disappearing only for new ones to appear again, streaming around that bend endlessly. No star-lit night could ever be more beautiful. I looked around to see whether other people would also notice them, but it seemed they were busy with themselves or in a hurry.

Strolling home, musing about the beautiful experience I had in a place I can`t even call naturally beautiful, compared to memories of Switzerland, I remembered the video I had been watching before and how thrilled I was on Guru`s innocent, childlike saying that he would bring down a few stars, even though he would not know yet how to fly. Inwardly I said to Guru: "Oi, not only a few, but countless stars...:))

Are my heart`s
Most intimate friends."

Here you can read the excerpt from Chitta`s notebook, Guru was reading out from:

"One day he said to me that he was going to fly in the sky. I said, "How?" He said, "That I do not know, but I am going to fly because I want to go and play with the moon and the stars. And when I come back, I will definitely pluck and bring down a few stars." We used to enjoy his soulful and innocent adventures." -Guru