Heavenly helpers #spiritual-life


A very good friend of mine told me a story, that is very, very moving. I can`t disclose much detail, because it was a very personal experience. I can only say that she was in a really dire situation, caused by God knows who.

All I can say is, that at some point she was sitting in some hospital waiting room, when a couple entered and took their seat across from where she was sitting. She described a man, wearing a black suit, white socks, looking at her very attentively and holding a book in front of him, showing the dancing Shiva in a wheel. The woman she described as absent minded and otherworldly.

Two days later the same scene. She was waiting for her turn in that waiting room, when the two persons entered and sat down across from her.

A week or so later, she was brought to another hospital at another place, praying for improvement of her sad situation. It happened again - the man, obviously with his wife sat down in the same room, holding the book with Shiva on the front page, looking at her.

Now she was convinced that some emanation thing was taking place and she slightly bowed down to the man, folding her hands in front of he  chest. The man did the same. Intuitively she knew that help was on her way, still it took seven long weeks, until she was released from the hospital - by mistake.

We may never get to know the whole deplorable experience on this board, my dear friend went through, but I thought it was worth it sharing this very special appearances. I am not at all a friend of speculations, but in this case I can only think of Shiva and Parvati.

And while writing this, I feel Guru`s inner presence very strongly, it feels like being cradled.



Hm, whenever I start my meditation by looking at our Transcendental Picture, I remember another inicident, that might or might not have any connection with the story I shared recently. 

It is quite simple, but to give the incident the appropriate or deserving meaning, I may start with a peom/prayer that Guru wishes us to recite every day.

"My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme,
Smile, smile, smile.
Do You not know, my beloved Supreme,
That a fleeting smile of Your`s
Can win my crying and bleeding heart
A million times over?
My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme."

During Christmas the Gandharva Loka store is more busy then usual, the customers partly carry some hectic vibration. Yet, I always try to be friendly and serving in the best way I am able to.

Nowadays you may smile at people, but because they are not looking at other people`s face, they miss it and there are times when you ask yourself, whether it makes sense to smile at people at all. But then, when you least expect it, you get back a very soulful smile, that you cannot forget, because it seems to come from another world. I mean it.

The lady who answered my "goodbye-smile", radiated so much Light in her face, that I am writing about it now. I sincerely cannot forget it. And only a few minutes later again - that smile from another person or perhaps it was only a gentle bow, an all-knowing expression in the face, a smile from within. Incredible. 

Tears are welling up, because it happens so rarely in my life here in Berlin. The city life is tough, everything seems to be tough.

Their smiles were so extraordinarily beautiful, compassionate and loving. They really meant to give it to me. It was a gift, perhaps from the heavenly helpers, indeed?

God knows...




well, the story doesn`t seem to end.

I went to the city to buy flowers for the shrine in our meditation centre and found a shop with lots and lots of beautiful flower arrangements. Is there a more beautiful world then flower-worlds on this earth planet? I chose four different flower bundles - yellow freesias, red buttercups, some kind of mini lupines, and in my imagination rearranged them to two fragrant and lovely looking bouquets that I would like to present to Guru by placing them left and right to the Picture. What I liked most, was a bunch of spring green shepherd`s` purse, that seemed so right, thinking of the heavenly Shepherd and what He might have hidden in there.

I remembered that I had been reading in Guru`s book "Two Brothers: Madal and Chinmoy", sweet questions and answers on different topics, Guru perhaps trying to improve our command of English or perhaps he was in a playful mood to offer his wisdom - given from his inner purse? 

Madal: "Chinmoy, is it absolutely necessary for a seeker to develop an aesthetic sense?"

Chinmoy: "Yes, Madal, a spiritual person has to be sensitive to beauty. His spiritual life undoubtedly needs both inner and outer beauty."

To be frank, I had some contradicting thoughts to this statement, but found soon after another answer to it, Guru giving advice on how it would positively affect the whole body by applying a small quantity of oil to one`s hair and also emphasizing on outer beauty in the form of modesty.

Anyways, back to the flower shop, I went with my chosen flowers to the desk holding them hardly with my two hands and noticed only then a sign that their card machine was not working and that only cash was accepted. The sales lady had already wrapped the flowers in some paper but I was sorry not having enough cash with me, asking the lady to take out one of the bunches, when a lady behind me spontaneously offered to pay for the missing amount. I thought of leaving to get money from some bank, but considering my tiredness and back pain, I thanked her profusely for doing so. Not enough, she said, "well, I may pay for all of them" and a brand new twenty Euro bill came fluttering down from her purse, landing on the table in front of the sales lady. She grabbed the money and said, "Wonderful!" I could only stumble with joy, "You know, these flowers are not for me, they are for a certain shrine, you know, I am meditating and Someone is meant to get those flowers, therefore I may accept your offer." The sales lady cried out, "Perfect!" 

With tears in my eyes I left the store, took my bike and left the place. I was embarrassed about the incident mixed with some astonishment, of how generous people can be. This lady didn`t know me at all. I was also sure, that there were no angels involved, but the more I am thinking about the story, the more I do believe in miracles, remembering that special expression in her eyes.