Guru's focus


I watched a video of Guru answering questions at the little school we used to rent for our functions. He was seated on his easy chair, painting acrylic birds onto glass objects. He was concentrating so intensely on his artwork and at the same time, he answered each question with utmost thoroughness and concern. He did two things at one time and did them both perfectly. Guru says, as a God-realised soul, he does many things on the inner plane while outwardly he is talking or joking. But here, I saw him do two things on the outer plane, simultaneously, and to perfection. I wish I could do my daily tasks with just a fraction of that respect, attention and focus.
“Once in India, someone who used to be my mentor was walking with me in the street. I was very close to him. While we were walking, this individual identified so strongly with me that he became aware of four things that I was doing at that time on the inner plane.”
(From “Obedience or Oneness” by Sri Chinmoy)