Greetings from Iceland


So we are having a very nice time up here in Iceland at the moment

  • We have an ongoing series of classes, given by Pranava, who is really enjoying it. Pranava recently gave a series of classes in Portugal which marked his entry into the classgiving world
  • We had a lot of joy at last Wednesday's meditation. We were asked to shoot a short humorous 30 second video to commemorate 45 years of Sri Chinmoy's Jharna-Kala artwork. It was a little chaotic trying to brainstorm for ideas, get everyone in the right places, and shoot the video but we were very happy with the result
  • We had a very nice Joy Day last Sunday in Keflavik, about 45 minutes away from Reykjavik. One nice feature was a 'Show and Tell' where many of Sri Chinmoy's students got up and talked about some aspect of their spiritual lives.
  • The week before, we devoted our Sunday morning meditation to performances. We have many musicians in the Reykjavik Centre! We also performed part of a play that we are planning to do at the Christmas Trip, relating to Sri Chinmoy's visit to Minneapolis in December 1965, a visit that gave rise to many funny incidents, but also some extremely profound talks and answers to questions. 
  • Frisbee golf is an almost daily occurrence here, despite the weather - there are reportedly 13 frisbee golf courses in the Reykjavik area....


Good to hear many things happening in Iceland.

Many years ago, I remembered Suren's epic reports of Icelandic 2-mile runs through the Arctic cold and dark. When I visited Iceland recently, I was pleased to see these runs still happened everyweek. It really was very cold, but an added motivation to finish run quickly.