A chance encounter and "The Absolute"



Today a young man came to my register, named Rob.  He was of medium build and had slightly dark hair.  Today I’ve been asking each customer for advice on how I can party harder.  I received answers like : go to the local bar and start doing shots, or take Red Bull, or drink Vodka, or do lines of cocaine.  But when I asked Rob what I could do to party wilder, he said, “Why don’t you go deep into the inmost recesses of your own heart, and ask yourself what will truly make you happy?  What will fulfil you at the deepest level?  Let the silent part of you answer and then do the thing that you know will give you and your heart the deepest joy.”


I was not expecting that kind of answer, so I said, “No, no- I’m not interested in knowing what will fulfil me spiritually or bring me closer to God or my own inner reality, I want the absolute surface happiness, that comes from the fulfilment of gross desires and temporary sensations.  I want the life of base pleasure, even if it draws destruction in its wake.  God created Maya for us to enjoy it to our heart’s content!”


Rob smiled at me and said, “Great!  Pleasure and then destruction.  That’s the rule of life.”


Then I asked him if he would like to hear a poem that my Master wrote on Nirvana and Rob said he would be very eager to hear it.  So I recited Guru’s poem “The Absolute,” which begins with the lines, “No mind, no form, I only exist…”


I got entranced by the poem, and when it was finished I just bowed to him a little and he looked at me, with a look of astonishment.


“Who wrote that?”  he said after a few seconds.


 I said it was written by my spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy.


He told me that he had been practicing Buddhism for many years and the nature of the mind.  He told me “every word in that poem is true.”


I could not have agreed more!  I gave him the title of the poem, and also wrote down Guru’s name for him, and how to find the poem on Sri Chinmoy Library.  I then bagged up his groceries for him and he left very happy.


I had actually been having just a so-so day, but to meet a real spiritual seeker like him really lifted my spirits.