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Dear all,

In the morning after the meditation I always read in three books - "My Morning Begins", "Meditations, Food for the soul" and "My Life`s Soul-Journey. Very often and lately a little neglected - "My Morning Soul-Body-Prayers". Once I start reading in it again, I feel such power coming from the words and lifting me up.

This morning, after I read the excerpts and the poem of April 9, I strongly felt that I want to share this. Perhaps it all depends on receptivity and one could quote any of Guru`s spiritual, holy writings, but today this struck me as comprehensable and important, really longing my life to be transformed. Anyways, everything takes soooo long.

Guru writes:

"Aspiration burns away outer impurity and imperfection, while at the same time it clears up all that is disturbing our inner consciousness."

"When the flame of aspiration has been kindled in you and is burning most effectively, you must allow it to blaze fully. You will see that the outer world, the disturbing world, is actually deep inside you. Then things that have to be transformed will then be transformed. There is no other way to fight outer disturbances than to keep the flame of aspiration burning constantly."

"Meditate with great enthusiasm
If you want to make the fastest progress
In your aspiration-heart
And in your dedication-life."

-Sri Chinmoy

P.S. I really wish everybody would own the book "My Life`s Soul-Journey." Each page is more than relevant and transformative in regards to our individual and our collective consciousness. -Doris

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