Re: Message in a dream


Hi Sharani,

for me it is a learning process to listen to the inner dictates, not only in a dream. Sometimes the inner voice cries so loudly, but it seems impossible to listen, because the mind has some different programme planned or quicker results we get from vital enjoyment, though short-lived, such as eating, watching fairy-tales, small talking etc.

We are not used to find ourselves shut-in or be pulled away from the workaday world. It`s easy being said how many good things we can do at home. We have to adjust and it takes time. I am practising it for years now and maybe can help a little. I can assure you, it is rewarding.

I just found a nice article on Sri Chinmoy News, that may help seekers who were planning to attend a meditation class:

Yes, our own websites have helped and are still helping a lot. It is another way to connect even with an international community. At times I am helping out myself, translating content for our German sites.

But of course, life means much more then that. 

To slown down can be a good way to get closer to your inner self. I am trying and practrice more meditation, singing, reading, watching spiritual videos. The challenge is to be constant, be consistent. Yes, it is not as easy as one may think, to be one`s own boss, especially when you were used to get orders all your life. 

Well, this crisis (and others) will be ending, so let`s enjoy the little unwilling vacation and hope for newness for the whole world. I really started dreaming again of a world, far beyond as it looks right now.

At the moment I am singing "hope" songs Guru composed. They are short and easy to learn. And by the way, somewhere I have been reading that in the future, near or distant, I don`t remember, people will be meditating individually in their respective homes. :)

"O hope-flowers
With you my life goes on."

"O Earth, I shall love you
With all my heart
Before I leave for Heaven."


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