Message in a dream


The back story behind this dream I am about to share is that I went on the Christmas Trip to Sardinia around the first of the year (I arrived on New Year's eve and enjoyed watching fireworks at midnight with others there for the trip). I had not been on a Christmas trip since Malta which I think was about 4 years ago. While on the trip, I marveled at how powerfully it fed my inner life and attributed it to the fact that I had not been on a Christmas trip in a long time so I must have been valuing and cherishing each aspect as if experiencing it fresh and with newness. Perhaps in another post I will share some sweet memories/experiences from the trip. Each meditation and activity intensified my aspiration and feeling of connection with Guru. Outwardly simple moments, like just singing together or taking part in the meditation club, felt magical.

Not too long after coming home, I found myself out of town again, this time for a longish trip to visit my parents for the occasion of my mother's 80th birthday on leap year day, Feb. 29th. The Coronavirus situation was new then, with cases only in the state of Washington within the U.S. (if I remember correctly). A couple of legs of my flights had people wearing masks and while I was there the stock market in the U.S. began its first serious instability. The latter I was aware of because my father was acutely paying attention to it.

While there I had a striking dream, and I wish to share it here in case it resonates with others as well. It is interesting to note that over the years, I have had powerful dreams while staying at my parents' house other times as well and I wonder if it's some kind of Arizona/Sedona vortex or God knows what because when there my parents don't even call me by my spiritual name and I meditate, etc. in a private and low key way. But back to the dream...

In the dream, I was being told that I needed to intensify my inner cry and closeness with God so that I could feel the connection with Guru when I'm home living my regular life, meditating at my own shrine, etc. I needed to learn to feel as strong as it feels for me when I'm gathered together with large numbers of disciples. Because just like in that recent Christmas trip, I usually dial in deep and feel my inner life blossom as soon as I'm together with other disciples. In the dream it said "as strong as on a Christmas trip, as strong as at Celebrations, etc." - to feel that same way individually, one-on-one without being around anyone else from the Centre - even without going to centre meetings. I remember how as the dream unfolded that the last part seemed odd because my centre meetings are currently only a handful of people and hardly qualify as a gathering of large numbers.

Well - while I was still out of town, notifications came through on my smartphone that the first case of Coronavirus had happened in the state I live in and the first case of it happened in the state of New York. By the time I flew home in early March, the airline staffer at the gate as we boarded had us scan our own barcodes on our boarding passes so that they weren't touching anything we had handled.

Now in a few short weeks, the world has changed dramatically so much and so quickly that a day ago feels like a much longer time. I no longer go to work and am just taking things one day at a time regarding what might happen with my job. We are a hair breadth away from almost complete quarantine and I never in my life thought I would see an April without a Celebrations or not being able to even go to centre meetings.

At the time I had the dream, I had no idea how quickly it would come true, especially the part about not even going to a centre meeting. My new normal is to try to help out my 87 year old centre leader, who is staying inside completely, and simple tasks like grocery shopping, laundry (she and I both do not have our own washing machines where we live), going for a walk or buying flowers for her since she's cooped up is a major occasion now feel herculean.

I cherish the moments when stories are shared of all the acts of oneness and kindness blossoming everywhere. I find the 3 times a day that we pray/meditate for God's victory to be super powerful. Even though I am a bit adrift in the world of adjusting to minimally working from home after over 30 years working as a librarian as a big part of my identity, I am trying to sit down, take a deep breath, and obediently dive within to quest for what was asked of me in what I now view as an extremely significant dream.


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