A chance encounter


Today a middle-aged couple came to my register.  The lady was dressed like a businesswoman, but her husband was a little disheveled, wore a “Grateful Dead” shirt and had some real depth in his eyes, like a sage.  I decided to engage with him first and began singing, “Ripple” by the Grateful Dead.

"If my words did sing,
doo doo doo
With the voice of sunshiiiiine
doo doo doo"....

  Shockingly, he did not know the song and sang another song from the Dead repertoire, which I, alas, myself did not know.


I was bagging up their groceries and the lady asked me about the derivation of my name and I said it was a spiritual name given to me by my Master Sri Chinmoy and that it meant “Tree.”  They both perked up and the woman said, “Sri Chinmoy!” and the husband said, “I saw Sri Chinmoy in concert in St. Louis Missouri in 1983.  He played a hundred instruments.  He was sitting on a carpet and the instruments were all spread out around him.  Before he began, he prayed over all the instruments.”


I thought it was significant that the man remembered Sri Chinmoy praying over the instruments.  That means he has a deep understanding of what Guru offered through his Peace Concerts.


He asked me how I met Sri Chinmoy and I told him I saw my Guru for the first time at a Peace Concert too, some thirteen years after he saw the Master, in Philadelphia.  He told me I am the first person he ever met who knew Sri Chinmoy personally, and he felt really grateful for that.

I told them both that they made my day, and they  certainly did!


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