Dreams will come true


I can`t forget about a dream I have had some days ago early in the morning, short before I woke up. So I may share it here.

I was walking on some path and it was a nice summer day, when I heard some humming behind me that seemed to come closer. As I turned around I saw a big group of children, somehow developed, coming my way and carrying each a flower, holding it in front of them. The flower looked similar to a callas and it`s color was beige. The flower seemed to be made of fabric and I felt very familiar with it. Anyways...

The children came quickly closer and I joined walking with them, staying on the pathway, while they were walking on the right site of the path, parading through high growing grass, reaching a hall made of glass. I remember I felt that I was not allowed to join them into the hall where they were all going, but I could see everything, that was going on through the windows.

Then I woke up and I was still humming the melody that was simple and lovely. I repeated it for a while, but after the morning meditation and singing our daily songs, I had forgotten the melody. But I do remember that it was similar to the famous Hare Krishna Kirtan.

"Hare Krishna, hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, hare, hare.
Hare Rama, hare Rama, Rama, Rama, hare, hare."

Another poem that comes to mind is:

"What Krishna destroys, who can save?
What Krishna saves, who can destroy?"

-Sri Chinmoy

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