Parables of Sri Chinmoy


Christ and Sri Ramakrishna used to tell many parables to their disciples, lyrical tales that embody spiritual truth.  Guru did not tell many parables, in the years I lived with him in New York.  He was focused on the here and now.  No time for parables.

Or so I thought.

As I have begun studying his poetry, I see they are absolutely full of parables, parables of exquisite insight and unparalleled beauty.

Take this one:

Three sons:
The youngest, the middle and the eldest.

The youngest son said:
“Father is in Heaven.”

The middle son said:
“The Kingdom of Heaven is in your heart.”

The eldest son said:
“I and my Father are one.”

To the youngest son, the Father said:
“Son, thank you for your vision.”

To the middle son, the Father said:
“Son, thank you for your mission.”

To the eldest son, the Father said:
“Son, thank you for your union.”

(Sri Chinmoy, Meditation: God speaks and I listen, part 1, Agni Press, 1974)

Or take this one:

"When I sit
On the summits of my mind,
My old friend, Joy, leaves me immediately.
   The joyless beggar
   Helpless comes down.

When I play
In the depths of my heart,
My old friend, God, appears before me.
   Two friends together drink
   Two friends together become
     Oneness-soul of Peace,
     Oneness-goal of Bliss."

(Sri Chinmoy, The Golden Boat, part 2, Agni Press, 1974)

Or take this one:

"Six divine comrade-souls
Have decided to live together
With God’s lofty Blessing-pride.
A higher communion,
A deeper union,
A stronger realisation,
A brighter perfection,
A truer Reality,
A dearer Divinity."

(Sri Chinmoy, The Wings of Light, part 15, Agni Press, 1974)

They are definitely parables.  You just have to repeat it a few times to see the inner significance of each story.




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