My cri du coeur #humor



At April Celebrations, I recited Guru’s poems at the marathon.  I thought people would enjoy my recitation and indeed many runners told me that, yes, they in fact liked hearing me recite Guru’s beautiful poetry.  But one woman came up to me some time after the thirteenth and told me that she had done the 12 hour walk and that I wasn’t there reciting poems.


I said, “I’m sorry, I was doing laundry that day and I had to get my group ready for our performance the next day.”


She just shook her head sadly and walked away.


Then, this past August a young Australian disciple came up to me and said that they had had a nice Joy Day in Adelaide.


He then said, “It was great, but we noticed you weren’t there.  How come you didn’t come to the Joy Day to recite Guru’s poems?”


“Maybe because I don’t live in Australia?” I offered, answering his question with one of my own.


Look people, please, I love reciting poems, especially Guru’s poems, and over the past year I recited the "Golden Boat" poems at the April Marathon, at the Forty-Seven Mile race, at the Chicago Centre and also at Impossibility-Challenger. 


But I also have a job, I’m working on a book, I go to the opera a lot, and yes, I do my own laundry, office work and cleaning.


So please—




I’m not a monkey!


I’m not a vending machine!


If you want me to travel to your country to recite, I’ll write a book of one thousand of my own poems, each one based on a different Agatha Christie novel and we’ll play “Charades” until the sun falls into the ocean and Global Warming fries us all.


The end.




(I am of course being tongue-in-cheek.  If you can put me up in a spacious luxury suite I might be tempted to come to your country.  Or I’ll send one of my agents.)

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