Sri Madhusan - The Story Divine, a trilogy


Inwardly I had been asking Guru to show me someone who has real aspiration, because I badly needed inspiration. The big city life can be tiring at times.

I would like to bring your attention to a book I read by Sri Madhusudan who is a follower of Sri Satya Sai Baba. They call it a spiritual thriller and indeed I had  feelings exactly like that. But in the inner world it isn`t a thriller at all, but just what Guru often called a more vivid reality then what he experienced outwardly. It is so beautiful to be taken on that inner journey in a natural way, that allows no fear, as Madhusudan is such a loving and gentle person, who repeatedly declares to be a simple, imperfect person, who was chosen by his Master because He knew, Madhusudan was a devotee, who will never say "no" to His inner Will, being absolutely faithful.

There is a second part available and obviously he is still writing currently on the third part.

I am definitely deeply inspired and to be frank not too proud of my own inner standard, compared to the gems I found in this book.


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