Re: Heavenly helpers #spiritual-life


well, the story doesn`t seem to end.

I went to the city to buy flowers for the shrine in our meditation centre and found a shop with lots and lots of beautiful flower arrangements. Is there a more beautiful world then flower-worlds on this earth planet? I chose four different flower bundles - yellow freesias, red buttercups, some kind of mini lupines, and in my imagination rearranged them to two fragrant and lovely looking bouquets that I would like to present to Guru by placing them left and right to the Picture. What I liked most, was a bunch of spring green shepherd`s` purse, that seemed so right, thinking of the heavenly Shepherd and what He might have hidden in there.

I remembered that I had been reading in Guru`s book "Two Brothers: Madal and Chinmoy", sweet questions and answers on different topics, Guru perhaps trying to improve our command of English or perhaps he was in a playful mood to offer his wisdom - given from his inner purse? 

Madal: "Chinmoy, is it absolutely necessary for a seeker to develop an aesthetic sense?"

Chinmoy: "Yes, Madal, a spiritual person has to be sensitive to beauty. His spiritual life undoubtedly needs both inner and outer beauty."

To be frank, I had some contradicting thoughts to this statement, but found soon after another answer to it, Guru giving advice on how it would positively affect the whole body by applying a small quantity of oil to one`s hair and also emphasizing on outer beauty in the form of modesty.

Anyways, back to the flower shop, I went with my chosen flowers to the desk holding them hardly with my two hands and noticed only then a sign that their card machine was not working and that only cash was accepted. The sales lady had already wrapped the flowers in some paper but I was sorry not having enough cash with me, asking the lady to take out one of the bunches, when a lady behind me spontaneously offered to pay for the missing amount. I thought of leaving to get money from some bank, but considering my tiredness and back pain, I thanked her profusely for doing so. Not enough, she said, "well, I may pay for all of them" and a brand new twenty Euro bill came fluttering down from her purse, landing on the table in front of the sales lady. She grabbed the money and said, "Wonderful!" I could only stumble with joy, "You know, these flowers are not for me, they are for a certain shrine, you know, I am meditating and Someone is meant to get those flowers, therefore I may accept your offer." The sales lady cried out, "Perfect!" 

With tears in my eyes I left the store, took my bike and left the place. I was embarrassed about the incident mixed with some astonishment, of how generous people can be. This lady didn`t know me at all. I was also sure, that there were no angels involved, but the more I am thinking about the story, the more I do believe in miracles, remembering that special expression in her eyes.


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