Re: Heavenly helpers #spiritual-life


Hm, whenever I start my meditation by looking at our Transcendental Picture, I remember another inicident, that might or might not have any connection with the story I shared recently. 

It is quite simple, but to give the incident the appropriate or deserving meaning, I may start with a peom/prayer that Guru wishes us to recite every day.

"My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme,
Smile, smile, smile.
Do You not know, my beloved Supreme,
That a fleeting smile of Your`s
Can win my crying and bleeding heart
A million times over?
My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme."

During Christmas the Gandharva Loka store is more busy then usual, the customers partly carry some hectic vibration. Yet, I always try to be friendly and serving in the best way I am able to.

Nowadays you may smile at people, but because they are not looking at other people`s face, they miss it and there are times when you ask yourself, whether it makes sense to smile at people at all. But then, when you least expect it, you get back a very soulful smile, that you cannot forget, because it seems to come from another world. I mean it.

The lady who answered my "goodbye-smile", radiated so much Light in her face, that I am writing about it now. I sincerely cannot forget it. And only a few minutes later again - that smile from another person or perhaps it was only a gentle bow, an all-knowing expression in the face, a smile from within. Incredible. 

Tears are welling up, because it happens so rarely in my life here in Berlin. The city life is tough, everything seems to be tough.

Their smiles were so extraordinarily beautiful, compassionate and loving. They really meant to give it to me. It was a gift, perhaps from the heavenly helpers, indeed?

God knows...



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