On reciting Guru's poems

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Tonight I was reciting some poems from “The Golden Boat” for the Chicago Centre.  I recited several dozen of them.  I picked poems that had the theme of “Cosmos” or “Cosmic Game” or “Consciousness”.


I like this poem:




“My heart conceals

 The pangs of ages.

My heart conceals

 The failures of human races.

My heart conceals

 The indifference of God’s faces.


My heart feels

 Only one thing:

  God’s Heaven-free


  Sky-vast changes.”


(Sri Chinmoy, The Golden Boat, part 6, Agni Press, 1974)


What a haunting, delicate and soul-stirring poem.  It is a poem for the ages.  When I was reciting this poem, I didn’t even feel I was in my body.  I felt far, far away from my physical life and all my problems.


Guru said that reading and studying his poems is one of the fastest ways to get inner experiences.  Let us try.



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