3100 Race memories

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I remember one year, shortly after the 3100 mile race ended, Guru asked the victor, who had set an astonishing new world record to come up and sing for us.  He came up to the microphone and sang a beautiful Wagner aria.  I don't know which opera it was from, but it was full of interesting emotions, so deep.  Guru appreciated his singing like anything and said that one day his greatness as a runner and as a singer would be well-known.

Interestingly enough, I was working the registers at the grocery store yesterday when a young man came up to buy some alcohol.  I asked for some ID and when I looked at his driver's license, I saw he has the same last name as the greatest Wagner conductor of all time!  He said he's actually a distant relative of this great conductor, and was happy I knew the name.  Most people just think it's a funny-sounding name, but music-lovers of course know the name so well.

Anyone know Guru's wonderfully illumining book on the great composers, "Music: Ecstasy's heart-hunger"?

Here's an excerpt on Beethoven, from the book:

"You as the seed,
You as the plant,
You as a huge tree
With an inimitable variety
Of flowers and fruits
Are indeed the grandeur-expression
Of Infinity's power-fragrance."

It's interesting that when I had the chance to ask Guru about Beethoven, many years later, he referred to Beethoven once again as a huge tree, a very huge tree.   His inner vision is consistent, far-reaching, and eternal.


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