Welcome Brian Haas; and preliminary info about our election (June 18, 2020)

Pete Forsyth


Please join us in welcoming Brian Haas to the South Tabor Neighborhood Association. Brian was appointed unanimously by the Board, to fill our vacant Treasurer position.

The Board chose to fill this vacancy immediately, rather than let this vital position remain vacant pending our election, and rather than asking our longtime treasurer, who decided not to continue, to remain an extra month. We are pleased that Ute will stay on as our Welcome Committee Chair, a role in which she has greeted many of you as you moved to South Tabor.

Vigdis Bronder Haas then presented on the concerns she, her husband Brian, and many neighbors have around criminal activities in the parking areas along the south side of Powell Blvd. Vigdis and Brian are working to generate a community vision for what can be done to improve this growing safety issue, while respecting the dignity of all involved. You can reach them at abetterpowell@... .

For most other Board positions (all except for mine and Secretary Juan Cummings), we will hold an election June 18. Nominations are now in. In the next two weeks, I will send further details on how we will conduct the election, in these challenging COVID-19 times. When there are contested elections, it is important to offer a means of voting anonymously, which can be challenging in a web/phone conference call. However, as it turns out, we do not have any contested positions; so this may not be a problem. Regardless, I'd like to take a little time to review options and ensure that we are doing it in a way that is reliable, fair, and safe for all involved. Please contact me directly if you have insights or concerns around this.

The positions and nominations:

Vice Chair: (no nominee)
Communications Chair: (no nominee)
Treasurer: Brian Haas (incumbent)
Southeast Uplift Delegate: Tina Kimmey (incumbent)
Events Chair: Wren Shiffler (incumbent)
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair: Juan Cummings (incumbent)
Land Use Chair: John Carr (incumbent)
Southeast Uplift Land Use & Transportation Delegate: Nathaniel Canfield (incumbent)
At Large: Vigdis Bronder Haas

All terms are for two years.

Nominations are now closed, but we can and should fill the two vacant positions as well, by board appointment. If you have an interest in either position, please reach out to me or any board member.

Watch this list for further info on how to vote in about two weeks.

Pete Forsyth
Chair, South Tabor Neighborhood Association

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