Re: Response to emails from Vaughn and Francine


In response to Peter, I agree technology is a great measuring tool. However to truly give accurate numbers we would have to require every bike, car and walker to carry a phone or other GPS enabled device.  I would have no problem with that, I wonder if everyone would feel that way.   Everyone in the walking party or biking party would need to have their own device to get accurate counts.  After having lived here for over 20 years I have seen Woodward traffic pick up and we now see a longer rush hour in the morning, An early one for workers and then the school commute and then the after school and then the after work. There are certain times of day backing out of a driveway takes more than a short wait to be safe  I would not presume to tell you if the traffic on your street is a problem. I do not live there and see it day after day but I can agree we can look at data and then we should also look at the size and width of the street.  I guess I am curious, why are you upset about a diversion around Woodward?  Especially a temporary one? Already conceded it should have been done the right way and it should be shorter.


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May 19, 2020


Here is my response to the messages left by Vaughn Aldredge and Francine.


One issue that I haven't brought up so far is that there is satellite and digital technology now available that would be able to use cell phone signals to count and identify just about every vehicle and bicycle traveling on Woodward, and determine its point of origin and destination, in order to document whether or not there is any cut-through traffic on Woodward. The Portland Police Bureau used that technology less than a month ago to identify and issue citations to street racers who blocked off the Fremont Bridge in the middle of the night. And in South Korea that technology was recently used to track and trace over 100 people who became infected with the coronavirus at a nightclub on just one night. Also, back in March, satellite images of a beach in South Florida during spring break was so accurate that it was possible to see the exact location of each person with a cell phone. That means it would be possible to see the exact location of each cell phone on Woodward, and determine if the person with the cell phone was either: 1) In a vehicle or on a bicycle; 2) On the sidewalk; or, 3) In a house.


In response to Francine's complaints about the volume of traffic on Woodward, I want to point out that there is a PBOT traffic count taken about a year or two ago which shows that the traffic volume on my block of SE 58th, between Woodward and Clinton, is just 90 cars per day less than the count on Woodward around 62nd. I've lived in my house for 13 years, and other than the half hour around the time that school starts and ends at Atkinson, or when there's some sort of sporting event at Clinton Park, the traffic situation on my block is absolutely benign. And Franklin doesn't cause any problems even when there's a football game.  

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