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Vaughn Aldredge


While it may be illogical that Woodward could be considered a “cut-through” street (because, as you say, there is no advantage to be gained by anyone driving East or West bound who could more easily get to their destination using either Powell or Division) the fact remains that people do use it as a cut-through street.

Have ever walked down Woodward or ridden a bike down Woodward? As a regular bike commuter, and a parent to children who attend school at both Atkinson and Franklin, I’m on Woodward at least twice a day. At certain times, the motor traffic is as busy as an arterial. I hear your points, and even agree with some of the process issues you bring up, but I hope your petition is unsuccessful. I would welcome any traffic calming that happens on Woodward; temporary or permanent—and regardless of the justifications used to put it there. 

Vaughn Aldredge

On May 19, 2020, at 8:39 AM, wrote:

In response to the messages left by Doug Beebe and Steve Reinemer, here is some more info.


Attached to the minutes for the November 2019 STNA board meeting you will find information that I sent to the board regarding so-called "cut-through" streets and other issues related to traffic diverters. For starters, the concept promoted by PBOT that demonizes SE Woodward as a so-called "cut-through" street is completely illogical. When you look at a map or drive around South Tabor, it immediately becomes obvious that there is simply no advantage to be gained by anyone driving on Division or Powell, either eastbound or westbound, to use Woodward as a "cut-through" street. In fact, Woodward has always been, and continues to be, a neighborhood "collector" street that is used by drivers whose point of origin and/or destination is within South Tabor. You can read more in the attachment to the November 2019 minutes.


Meanwhile, the press release that Chloe Eudaly's office sent out on April 28 about the Safe Streets Initiative made several references to some streets being closed, and there was a diagram showing a traffic diverter. But it also referred to some streets simply being limited to local traffic only.


So, there is no plan that has yet been made public that gives all of the details in writing, and that is the problem, in general, with the way in which PBOT operates. That's what I addressed in my email to Suk Rhee.

Peter Apanel


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