google map of oil spill By Chuq Von Rospach ·
Palo Alto Hooded Merganser By Nancy Teater ·
Alviso Slough Trail By Bill Bousman ·
Red breasted Nuthatch, White throated Sparrow 11-12-07 By Janna Pauser ·
Euro-wigeon, Hooded Merg By Dave Weber ·
AM. BITTERN 11-13-07 By Janna Pauser ·
Golden-crowned Sparrow at PA Baylands with leg bands By hazelh2000 ·
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Red-throated Loon at Calero By michael mammoser ·
Great-tailed Grackles at Ogier By michael mammoser ·
Red Knots (Palo Alto estuary) By Bill Bousman ·
Loon(s) at Calero Reservoir By ann.verdi ·
[SBB] Loon(s) at Calero Reservoir By Lisa Myers ·
Geng Road Hooded Merganser, pic By Tom Grey ·
[SBB] Loon(s) at Calero Reservoir By michael mammoser ·
Hellyer Park By PattyBruno ·
Golden eagles & Prairie Falcon By RREILING2@... ·
WWSC Still at Shoreline Lake By Frank Vanslager ·
RTLO still at Calero By Mike Rogers ·
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