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michael mammoser <michael.mammoser@...>

Yesterday, 16 Nov 07, I had about 30 TRICOLORED
BLACKBIRDS in with the RED-WINGEDS along Bailey Road
in Coyote Valley, just across the street from the IBM
facility. They seemed rather approachable by using the
car as a blind.

Today, 17 Nov 07, I was out at the A10/A11 salt pond
area in Alviso with Caitlin Robinson and Heather
White, among others. We had an adult CASPIAN TERN
foraging over A11. A couple of scaup looked to be
oiled, if anyone is interested.

Michael Mammoser

--- Tom Grey <tgrey@...> wrote:

I went by Calero this morning, and saw only a couple
TRICOLORED BLACKBIRDS in the flock. My main hope was
to get close enough to get good pictures