moderated Thompson Creek, Lake Cunningham Park

janna pauser

The cold, cloudy weather kept the sparrows down as Karen Burnson and I birded Thompson Creek this morning. Six WILSON'S SNIPE, a SPOTTED SANDPIPER, 2 GREEN HERON, a GREATER YELLOWLEGS and 2 DOWITCHER'S were seen. We had two GREEN WINGED TEAL pair, a NORTHERN SHOVELER, 2 BELTED KINGFISHER and a heard only SORA. Favorites were the extra large MALLARDS, 3 males and 3 females that we have seen here before. They are huge compared to a normal Mallard and always near the Tully end of the trail.

Lake Cunningham is too big to bird in one visit, so only half the park was covered. CANADA GEESE continued to fly in until noon. Many WHITE THROATED SWIFTS and some swallows were over the lake. An ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD gathered duff from a cattail and flew off to her nest. One TOWNSEND'S WARBLER, several WESTERN BLUEBIRDS and a SAY'S PHOEBE were seen. A sapsucker called from the opposite side of the creek and 3 HERMIT THRUSH were heard only. Three GREATER YELLOWLEGS and many KILLDEER were on the flooded field but not much else. Another SPOTTED SANDPIPER was seen at the water edge and a yellowish ORANGE VARIANT HOUSE FINCH was seen near Raging Waters entrance. No Great tailed Grackles were seen.

Janna Pauser
San Jose