moderated Stile Ranch trail is closed

Marion Farber

I went to climb up the switchbacks on the Stile Ranch trail, but it is closed to all users (although I saw one scofflaw biker come down the trail), so I walked the Calero Creek trail to Harry Road, which is mostly dry.  I was rewarded by great views of both a male and female Northern Harrier, including what I suspect was a courtship flight: the female followed right behind the male as they swooped, banked, and turned in sync - amazing!  I also saw a pair of Red-tailed Hawks together, one carrying nesting material up to a large oak tree near Harry Road, and an Accipiter in a tree, which I believe was a Cooper's Hawk.  I got brief looks at a Lincoln's Sparrow, and heard a Rufous-crowned Sparrow, but no Wood Ducks.  I heard a California Thrasher, and watched as a Say's Phoebe gave its mournful call.