South San Jose

Al Eisner

Saturday morning I viewed the Guadalupe River north of Coleman from the east side. I found an adult Green Heron, an immature Common Morrhen, and three or four Wilson's Snipe, all not far north of Coleman. I didn't locate the Bittern (of course), nor a Merlin. There's still at least one
Orange-crowned Warbler (heard only).

At Calero Reservoir, the Red-throated Loon was initially cooperative
southwest of the boat launch area, but once it started diving became hard to relocate -- it eventually shoed up briefly south of the boat
launch. There was one Spotted Sandpiper (first seen by Peggy Don), and
I noted Tricolored Blackgird in the flock, but didn't try to get a
count. I later checked along Santa Theresa Blvd. for raptors, but didn't
find any of note.
Al Eisner