moderated Some Continuing Birds

Bill Bousman


This morning, 12/2/19, I checked the Palo Alto WQCP.  Most winters, BONAPARTE'S GULLS forage in the plant (just as they do at the San Jose-Santa Clara plant).  While foraging, they are mostly out-of-site, but every once in a while, some of the birds will fly into view and then quickly drop down again.  If you are patient, the slopes of Byxbee provide a view or the open area along Embarcadero north of the plant.  This morning, my best estimate was about 110 bonnies.  I believe these birds roost across the Bay.  Sometimes I have seen flying that way in the late afternoon or coming from that direction in the morning.  Sometimes they fly to the Duck Pond to bathe and then it is fairly easy to count them (although some may remain at the plant).

This afternoon, I checked Shoreline Park and the adult SNOW GOOSE with two immatures was on the golf course beside the road, as were the five GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE.  I counted 102 Common Goldeneyes plus a male Barrow's X Common in the lake, but I did not find the female Barrow's.  The two adult BROWN PELICANS were foraging over the lake.  A female-type RED-BREASTED MERGANSER was the first I've seen there this fall and will be a good bird for the CBC if it remains.

Bill Bousman
Menlo Park