moderated Some Birding at the Oka Percolation Ponds on 1/14/2020

Frank Vanslager


On the way to the Perc Ponds I got onto Dell Avenue and found a parking space near 1359 Dell, where it's a shorter walk (and no fees) to the observation platform at the southwest corner of the main pond.  I was hoping for the bittern, but what I got was a Common Gallinule.  (See first photo).  However, just out of the picture to the left was an obscured Black-crowned Night-Heron and, for a brief moment, I heard and saw a Great-tailed Grackle behind the Gallinule.

Over at the restroom area I saw and photographed the Cackling Goose.  (See second photo).  I picked up 4 year birds, and had a total of 43 species seen today.  For quite a while there was a soaring, slightly-immature Golden Eagle.  When I noticed a couple of White-throated Swifts zooming near the eagle, I quickly snapped a picture -- but no sign of the swifts near the eagle.

Frank Vanslager