moderated Some Before-The-Rain Birding at Charleston Slough on 11/30/19

Frank Vanslager


In spite of the wind (which is probably bad for SEOW sightings) I decided to do an early bino scan of the Palo Alto Flood Control Basin from the same spot on the Adobe Creek Trail that I reported on 11/25/19.  There were many raptors -- mostly flying Northern Harriers.  Most of the White-tailed Kites were perched, as were 2 Red-tailed Hawks, with another 2 landing for a minute on something close by in the marsh.

Then at about 8:45 an adult Bald Eagle flew all along Adobe Creek, from south to north.  Then I spent time looking at something that might have been a bird.  It never seemed to move in the wind, but the bushes on both sides of it did.  In the attached photo it's the dark thing beyond the logs in the foreground.  It's probably not a bird, but it made for some interesting study.

Frank Vanslager