Short-eared Owl, south of Bixby Park

Bob Power <rcpower@...>

Hi all,

Mike Mammoser and I had a SHORT-EARED OWL in Mayfield
Slough just south of Bixby Park at about 5:15 tonight.

This is the same area the Short-eared owl(s) was seen
last winter.
Mayfield Slough is accessed either via Bixby Park, at
the east end of Embarcadero in Palo Alto, park and
walk south over the hills to view the extensive
wetland, or park on east bayshore at Emily Renzel
Wetlands and hike in on the Bay trail for 3/4 mile or
so until the slough opens up on your right.

The bird was either foraging very low while we were
there or roosting, as it didn't appear until it was
nearly dark.

Good birding,

Bob Power
Oakland, CA