Sanborn-Skyline CP

Bill Bousman


This morning, 11/18/07, I walked to Lake Ranch Reservoir on the John Nicholas Trail from Black Road in Sanborn-Skyline CP. I encountered a couple of patches of winter birds and one included a family of 4 PYGMY NUTHATCHES and a RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH. I expect the latter is a resident bird rather than a montane bird (and the movement of this nuthatch this fall appears slight). At the reservoir I counted 23 RING-NECKED DUCKS among other waterbirds on the reservoir, which was very low.

Also at the reservoir, I heard MOUNTAIN QUAIL calling from two different places above the reservoir. I don't recall that we've ever had this species in this drainage, certainly not in recent years. The habitat seems appropriate, based on where these birds have been found in the past. But the proximity to Saratoga suggests the possibility of escapees, as we've had in the past near Los Altos Hills, and that's my best guess. I don't remember any local breeding birds, regardless of provenance, calling in November.

Returning home, I made a stop at the pond off Geng Road and saw 3 male and 2 female HOODED MERGANSERS.

Bill Bousman
Santa Clara County records compiler