S.C. Co. Bird List November 2007

Kendrick Smith

Bill Bousman writes:
First, some more corrections to the list. Last month, October, I
posted a total of 282 species, but I had overlooked earlier records
of Red-throated Loon (in January!) and Sabine's Gull (in September).
So that brings the October total to a respectable 284. As noted
below, we added two more species in November. Normally we get three,
but our composite total is now 286 species, which even if we added no
more species in December (normally 3), we would wind up 2 more than
our recent-year average. But 286 does not compare with last year's
very nice 289, so our work is cut out for us. Where are those
Long-tailed and Tufted Ducks? Where are the Rough-legged Hawks? And
what about that report of a Red-naped Sapsucker east of San Antonio
Valley--can we add that one?

We added one 5, a NELSON'S SHARP-TAILED SPARROW, found at the
Palo Alto Baylands on 25 Nov. This bird was seen near high tide on
the next three days, some folks had nice sightings, others missed
completely. This little skulker is not always cooperative.

Our one 6 of the month was a female BLACK SCOTER that showed up
at Shoreline Lake 6 Nov and over the next few days a few folks even
made the scoter trifecta with the lingering female White-winged

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