moderated Ross's Goose at Arzino

William Pelletier


Kitty and I rushed over to see Garrett's Ross's Goose at Arzino late this afternoon 1/15/20. In the fading light of day we scanned fields full of Canada Geese (at least 500) and found three CACKLING GOOSE and WESTERN MEADOWLARK aplenty but no sign of the Ross's. It was groundhog day for me, as I had just scanned these same geese at sunset yesterday, hoping for a Snow Goose without any luck. On our third try from the 25mph yellow sign on Zanker, on a distant (1000m) flock I saw a white head pop up over a hillock. Kitty got on the bird and we watched it come and go from sight until darkness (and a cold breeze) pushed us back into the car. 

The bird was where the red x is in the map below and hidden 90% of the time. 

Good birding!
Bill & Kitty

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