Palo Alto Baylands and Geng Road pond (Sunday)

Ken Schneider

Sorry for the initial mis-post to SBB birdchat - got confused...

I birded a portion of the San Francisquito Creek trail (near the Geng
Road entrance) at Palo Alto Baylands early this morning in hopes of
getting a better look at the Short-eared Owl that I saw hunting over
the marsh there on 11/22. I did not spot the owl today, however.

Birds of some local interest included a compact flock of 21 Common
Ravens flying overhead, several Clapper Rails calling from the marsh,
and a Green Heron and the continuing Hooded Mergansers (two females
and a male today) at the golf course pond. Thanks to Sonny Mencher for
helping me find this pond last month!

Photos of the heron and mergansers are at:

Ken Schneider, Redwood City