No oiled birds in the south bay

Bob Power <rcpower@...>

Hi all:

We're very fortunate to have no on-going reports of
oiled birds in the south bay. SFbirds and
EBBsightings, the San Francisco and East Bay
equivalents of South Bay Birds are not so fortunate.
It's sobering to say the least to look through your
scope at a line-up of surf scoters on a beach that are
all oiled and exhausting themselves with trying to
preen themselves clean.

"What's New" is such a cheery title for a dismal map,
but in the "what's new" section of our web-site
there's a link at the bottom to an excellent map by
Mike Perlmutter of California Audubon to give you a
sense of the scope of the oil-spill.

Noreen Weden and Eddie Bartley developed the idea for
a frontline monitoring program to
canvas nearly every accessible inch of shoreline in
the Central
the Pacific Ocean to the southern bay waterfront in
San Francisco and
Point Pinole south to the Oakland Airport in the East
Bay, and the monitoring continues. If you have a free
day in the coming weeks, they could use your help.
If you'd like to join their group of frontline
monitors in San Francisco, please contact Noreen or
Eddie at 415-355-0450 or Noreen@... or
Eddie@.... If you'd like to volunteer in
the East Bay,
please contact Michael Martin at 510-919-5873 or

Help unlooked for is twice blessed,

Bob Power
Oakland, CA