More than hawks...

Mark Bohrer <lurchl@...>

Vole-hunting raptors weren't the only story at Half Moon Bay, California's Bluff Top Coastal Park last week (Sunday, October 28). The regulars were out in force too.

80 Starlings were introduced from Europe to New York's Central Park in 1890 and 1891. In the 100+ years since, they've spread across the U.S.

Humans may see speed limit signs as a nuisance, but to starlings they're just another perch:

They like our wood fences too. The lighter bird at left is a non-breeding adult, while the darker right-hand bird has breeding plumage:

Neither of these birds is quite ready for breeding if you judge just by plumage, but they seem to be 'talking' about it anyway:

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Mark Bohrer
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