John Nicholas Trail

Bob Reiling

Birding was extremely slow this morning along Sanborn County Park's John Nicholas Trail, from Black the Ranch Reservoir. However, best birds included two RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH on the Southern edge of reservoir (8:05 AM), shortly after 10 AM three RED-CROSSBILLS flew from the Northwestern to the Northeastern side of the Reservoir to where there are a large number of cone bearing trees (no "kip" calls heard), on my way back to the car a PILEATED WOODPECKER did a long call roughly North of my position (in the general direction of the Reservoir).  Only one RING-NECKED DUCK (a male). two GADWALL, two DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANTS and a half dozen AMERICAN COOTS were in the Reservoir and only one BAND-TAILED PIGEON was seen (atop a tall pine tree). 
Take care,
Bob Reiling