Heerman's Gull in Lake Almaden



Shortly before noon today as Pat Kenny, Roland Kenner, Frank Vanslager and I
were checking out a large flock of Gulls on Lake Almaden Frank spotted a
first winter HEERMAN'S GULL perched on a large white object near the inlet side
of the lake. We then spent the next 30 minutes or so getting great views of
the bird (a county life bird for Pat and Roland). The HEGU was still there
when we left. Earlier we once again studied the CHIPPING SPARROWS (10 this
time), had great views of the WHITE-THROATED SPARROW (showing a lot of white on
the crown at this point), a MERLIN, at least two FOX SPARROWS, and a couple
HERMIT THRUSH (lots of species about). Our second stop was at Calero
Reservoir where we had a SPOTTED SANDPIPER and two adult male COMMON MERGANSERS.

Take care,
Bob Reiling

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