moderated Grasshopper Sparrow, Stile Entrance (Santa Teresa County Park), Sunday 12-Jan

Brooke Miller


This morning I happened across a GRASSHOPPER SPARROW in the rock wall area of the trail. I apparently flushed it from the grass, where I didn’t see it, and it flew to the top of the short wall, where I got a good view of it, before it flew up the hillside and out of sight. Also up there was a flock of at least 16 HORNED LARK that were flying around while vocalizing, then landing and disappearing, then repeat.

There is a huge Toyon bush with berries at the bottom of the trail, and here I saw WRENTITS, ROBINS, HERMIT THRUSH, and CALIFORNIA THRASHERS feasting on fruit. It was a great opportunity to photograph Wrentits, which usually are hunkered down under the underbrush.

Good birding,
Brooke Miller
San Jose