moderated Geese and Bald Eagle Pioneer HS

janna pauser

At 4pm today I drove behind Pioneer High School on Blossom Hill Road to check the geese. I found the wintering juv. GREATER WHITE FRONTED GOOSE among 10 CACKLING GEESE and two hundred CANADA GEESE. Suddenly they took off in waves until all the noisy geese were in the air. I looked for a predator and found an immature BALD EAGLE circling over the east Los Capitancillos Ponds behind the athletic field. A teenager was wowed when he found the eagle in my binoculars.

Yesterday, 1-17, a tan striped WHITE THROATED SPARROW was seen on the Guadalupe River trail before the pond. Many sparrows gather to eat seed and bread crumbs at this location north of Blossom Hill Road.

Janna Pauser
Almaden Valley