Coyote Valley [and Lewis's Woodpecker at Arastradero]

Bill Bousman


This morning, 11/16/07, I stopped by Calero Reservoir about 0845 hr. Janna and Lee Pauser were just leaving, and had seen the juvenile RED-THROATED LOON. It took me a while to find it as it foraged along the far shore. While there, I also saw a single SPOTTED SANDPIPER and a COMMON MERGANSER.

I then drove down into the Coyote Valley and poked around. Along Laguna Avenue, I saw an OSPREY with a half-eated bluegill or something similar. At the end of Laguna was an adult FERRUGINOUS HAWK.

I've had a report and photo from Gayle Edwards and her husband who found a LEWIS'S WOODPECKER at Arastradero Preserve on 11/15/07. With any luck, this migrant/dispersant will remain for the winter and grace the Palo CBC.

Bill Bousman
Santa Clara County records compiler