moderated Coyote Lake County Park


I spent this morning at Coyote Lake at some of the lake overlooks and then at the dam area.  The lake is low which means a large mud flat type area on the upper end with some shorebirds.  I found one SPOTTED SANDPIPER, a group of 15 LEAST SANDPIPERS, and 2 GREATER YELLOWLEGS.  Lots of Western/Clark grebe types as expected.  I went through a group of about 40 and found all WESTERN GREBES, but there were plenty more that I just didn't have the patience to sift through.  I had a circling SHARP-SHINNED HAWK by the boat ramp.  Down at the dam it was pretty quiet but eventually I saw a ROCK WREN, a RUFOUS-CROWNED SPARROW, and then 2 CANYON WRENS.  I know others have reported two Canyon Wrens here but this is the first time I have ever seen more than one at the dam.  Pretty cool.

Steve Tracey
San Jose